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On Demand Webinar

Taking Property Inspection to New Heights: Drones for Distributed Facilities

From large retail outlets to expansive distribution centers, managing and maintaining a wide variety of large and distributed facilities presents significant challenges. Visual inspections give insight into the health and condition of your buildings which can help to optimize safety and energy efficiency. It can also be the key to prolonging the life of your properties components, like rooftops, parking lots, and roadways. Achieving a systematic and dependable inspection approach across various locations, spanning cities, states, and even countries, is essential.

Drones offer efficient solutions for inspecting distributed infrastructure, covering building rooftops, exteriors, and parking areas. They provide an easy and secure means to access challenging or hazardous building areas. Uniquely capable of conducting high quality inspections of large areas very quickly, drones are a great tool in the tool box for property management teams. Coupled with the right software solutions, routine inspections of large buildings are simplified and improved. 

Join our experts as they demonstrate how cutting-edge Property Insights tools can cater to the needs of even the largest property owners. Zeitview helps scale drone inspections with the largest network of trained and certified pilots in the world, helping businesses integrate drone operations without the burdens of licensing, insurance, & hardware. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the convenience and precision of remote inspections… at scale.
  • Learn how Zeitview helps companies scale drone inspections through our pilot network
  • Recognize the value of maintaining a reliable & consistent system of record across portfolios
  • Gain the knowledge needed to modernize your property and rooftop inspections.